How to Writing Tips and Tricks {Teach Two Reach}

Writing CAN be fun! Teaching informative, persuasive, narrative, etc. types of writing to kids can lead you to some of your most interactive and tangible lessons. 

One way that I create excitement for kiddos to go through the whole writing process is through food. I know some schools do not allow the use of food, but you can come up with other fun objects that kids will get intrigued with...such as Target dollar spot erasers.

I am going to go through two ways that I introduce "How To," and sequence writing. 

One way is through a project called "How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich." 
Now, I can give them graphic organizers, templates, etc, and just tell them to write out of memory. But WHAT IF I showed them what their writing actually translates to in real life?
I recently saw a video on FB of a dad doing this with his kids' writing. It was hilarious and it taught them that what they were writing isn't exactly what they meant.

I recently did this with some kids that I tutor at home. I had them initially write out their First, Next, Then, and Last steps and I told them that I will follow exactly what they wrote. And it didn't disappoint!

When the kids brought up their writing to me the first time, the result was hilarious. They wrote things like rub the peanut butter on the sandwich, without telling me I took the whole bottle and rubbed it on the sandwich. They said things like put the jelly on the bread with the knife, but didn't specify where, so I put it on the edge. They wrote at the end to put the two pieces of bread together, but didn't tell me in what direction, so I stacked an edge on top of the face of the other bread. They thought it was hilarious. They had to go back at least three or four times and I kept on trying each of their revisions, until they got it just right. They added a lot of details by the end and it showed them how important it is to be very specific. These kids wrote out it out on notebook paper, but I also have used my writing pack for this assignment in the classroom. At the end, they get to create a faux peanut butter jelly sandwich booklet to write the final copy of their steps. You can check that out here. 

I also do this same type of activity with blowing a bubble with bubble gum. First, I demonstrate how to blow a bubble, talking my way through exactly what I do, showing them what is happening to the gum at each step. Then I let them try it and work with them through the steps. Many of them actually learn how to blow one as well if they didn't know before. After some practicing, then they write out the sequence steps. After the graphic organizer, rough draft, and final copy, we do a great bulletin board display by using a pink balloon to represent the bubble. Everyone loves to pass by this project in the hallways! You can find it here. 

Crafts, food, projects, are a surefire way to get kids happy about writing!
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