100 Days & Counting {with Tickled Pink in Primary}

A few year ago, we were celebrating the 100th year of our school being opened. On the 100th day of school, we got all of the Kindergarteners together to take a picture making the number 100. It turned out so cute!
I used this frame for the 1st day of school, so all I had to do was change the star to say "100th" and it was ready to go! I print a picture of each child holding this frame on the 1st day, 100th day, and last day of Kindergarten so they have a keepsake of how they grew throughout the year.
As a grade level, we did a 100th day duck hunt! We bought these plastic ducks from Oriental trading and made cards 1-100 to sit next to each duck. The six K teachers divided the ducks and hid them around our classroom during the student's lunch time. When they came back from lunch, we divided the kids into groups and had them hunt through each room for the ducks. As they found a duck, they colored that number on their 100 chart. The students LOVED this and yes, it was a bit chaotic in our rooms and in the K hallway, but it was worth it!!
Since your students are probably going to be a bit crazy during the 100th day of school, why not let them get rid of some of that energy with this 100th Day Fluency & Fitness! This slideshow has students work on naming and recognizing numbers 1-100 and doing exercises every so often. 

100th Days and Counting with a Writing Freebie {Amna for Teach Two Reach}

Many of you guys have already celebrated the 100th Day. But hopefully there are still some of you out there that can benefit from this post this year! Living in New York, we usually start school right after Labor Day. That pushes our 100th day wayyyy later than all the schools in the south or midwest that start in early August. 

I was looking through my pictures of last year's 100th day and got so mad at myself. I took HALF pictures- meaning I would take pictures of projects only half way done and never took the completed shot. Maybe I was having too much fun to remember? Well, let me explain what the picture below is. Students are in the middle of painting 100 dots with their finger onto a paper plate. What they did afterwards was staple that paper plate onto a base made out of construction paper that looks like the base of a gumball machine. Let's imagine that together so you get an idea of what I mean. :)

A good trick is to leave some baby wipes when kids are finger painting with multiple colors so they can quickly dab the excess paint off and switch colors. 

Next up is this lovely boy who was born with a heart face. 

He is wearing a 100th day hat. Listen, sometimes the projects I choose on crazy hectic days like this are very specifically chosen with one fact in mind - Will this take a long time to do? Yes? Then it's in the plan. 

But my favorite project of all time for the 100th Day is using the Aging App. I know my friends here have already talked about this crazy App in the previous posts but I have to add in my two cents and a freebie. It was HILARIOUS taking their pictures. I started taking pictures of kids the week prior, a few at a time whenever I could. But I didn't tell them what I was taking them for and wouldn't show them what I was doing. So they had no idea I was using the App. They kept on asking what it was for, but I wouldn't give in and finally they gave up. At home, I printed out the pictures and glued each one onto the "Before I'm 100," template. 

On 100th Day - I said I had a surprise for them and that I had turned them all old. I handed out their templates and oh man!...the giggles, laughs, faces of shock - it was all too awesome. 

So their assignment was to write about all the things they would like to do or places they would like to go before they turn 100. This made a wonderful hallway bulletin board display - something AGAIN I forgot to take a picture of. 

Another boy born with a heart face

I had to take a picture of my then 2 year old as well. hahaha

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100 Days & Counting {with For a Love of Teaching}

Hip-Hip Hurray for the 100th Day (of School)!!!

I always love the 100th day of school! It's so much fun to celebrate! At our school, the building of anticipation for this big day starts in January. We live in the North Carolina mountains, and we miss a lot of school for snow. Due to the "snow days" we never really know when this day will come. For us, it often falls in February. This year (unless we miss tomorrow for snow) we will celebrate our 100th day of school on Monday, February 1st. 

Last week I ordered this super cute shirt from www.spreadshirt.com to wear this year, and I purchased one for my daughter just like it. I REALLY hope pray they arrive in time! I'm constantly checking the tracking on this order. I'll be soooo sad if they don't get here in time for our 100th day celebrations!

Want one, too? Click on the image for a direct link to the shirt!

How do you celebrate the 100th Day of School?

At my school, there's so much going on! Students are allowed to dress up like they are 100 years old, and believe me, they are A-DOR-A-BLE!

Meet Abigail: a cute-as-a-button first grader who's ready for the 100th day!

Meet Ms. Heather: Abigail's mom, who also happens to teach 1st grade at my school. Even teachers participate in the fun by dressing up, too!

When my daughter was in kindergarten her teacher sent home one-half of a colored plastic tablecloth to decorate with one hundred items. Students wore them to school as a cape on the 100th day. This was such a fun project to complete at home! We used fun puff balls in a variety of sizes for our 100 items. 

It's so easy to make a 100th day of School frame like this one in the picture above. Just purchase a large cheap frame from Walmart or Target, remove the backing and glass, decorate and get ready to take some super cute pics of kiddos on the 100th day! 

Here's a fun website that I love to use on the 100th day! Take a picture of your students and upload it to www.faceinhole.com. Kids love seeing themselves on the 100 dollar bill! Print and send home as a 100th day of school souvenir! (Even the older kids love this one!) Click on the images below to create your own! 

And, who doesn't love the AgingBooth App??? Grab those iPads and let your students have fun by instantly aging their face! Teachers love this app, too. It's actually fun for all ages! Click on the image to download the app onto your iPad or iPhone. (Also available in the Google Play Store for Android users.)

How do you get older students involved in the 100th day celebrations?

When I taught fourth grade, I found it hard to get my students excited about this day. A few years ago, I created 100th Day of School for Upper Grades. This resource is packed full of classroom ideas and engaging curriculum based activites for older students. Find it in my store here!

I hope you find these ideas useful as you plan your 100th day of school festivities! Comment below and tell us how YOU celebrate the 100th day with your students!

100 Days and Counting (with ALL Y'all Need)

Last year, I celebrated the 100th day with my kindergarten class and we had a blast! This year, our 100 days of Pre K isn't until Monday. So hears a look at a couple of things I did last year and plan to incorporate into this year as well. 
Dress the Part! Yes, dressing up is fun and I love a good theme. However, I chose to dress up to enhance my lessons and engage my students. The kiddos took ownership of their learning and our day was filled with rigorous activities. 

 To start the day off, our school released 100 balloons!

We also sorted and counted 100 snack pieces for the 100th day snack. 

The kiddos also read 100 words and celebrated their success by placing 100 stickers on 100th day hats from Kinder Craze

We also incorporated some writing in our 100th day. We talked discussed what life will be like when we are 100. The kiddos responses blew me away! My favorite response was, "When I am 100, everyone will be kind." :) Throughout the day, we also played hopscotch to 100, read for 100 seconds, wrote for 100 seconds, took 100 steps, etc...

This year..... I plan to incorporate 100 acts of kindness. Throughout the week, we will perform acts of kindness and try to reach 100 by Friday! 

100 Days and Counting {with Core Inspiration}

Next week is our 100th day of school. Honestly, I am still getting used to this whole 100th Day Celebration business. Back in my days of teaching third and fourth grade, there was not even a mention of the 100th day of school. Now in second grade, it’s definitely a hit. This year I am tweaking my 100th Day Celebration ever so slightly because last year was a perfect balance of low-key excitement. Here's the plan:

100 Reasons We Love School

Share 100 reasons we love school during morning meeting. I have 25 students who will each write five reasons they love school on little hearts. We will post these on our door so our neighbors can take a peek at everything we love.

I can't forget to mention, these little hearts will be written on with the perfect tips of brand new Crayola Markers. Giving the kids new markers for their group supply bins is a fun and inexpensive gift that we can all enjoy. 

Race To 100

Play Race To 100 during math workshop. This game has been a favorite since our place value unit so I’m gifting each student their own special 100th Day Edition to play at home with the family.

100th Day Writing

Write to the theme of 100 during Daily 5. Our Work On Writing choices will include a variety of 100th Day Celebration story starter printables. Here’s a peek:

Before I am 100, I want to…
If I had $100…
I know I am 100 days smarter because…
One hundred years from now…
One hundred days from now…
On the 100th day of school, I feel …
My 100 word story:

This activity will carry into writer’s workshop. Peer editing and final drafts will be polished through the end of the week.

100th Day Read Aloud

Enjoy a 100th day read aloud after lunch. Last year, I read 100 Days of School and my class loved it! Definitely need to cover this one in Con-tact Paper so it lasts.

100 Cup Challenge

Build community with the 100 Cup Challenge. After our read aloud, students will enjoy this slightly competitive team building activity. This is a new addition this year, so I’ll have to snap a few pics and share how it goes on Instagram.

Hidden Hundreds Art Project

This will be followed by a 100th Day art project I discovered on Pinterest last year. Each student receives a die cut set of digits to make the number 100. Their goal is to incorporate the digits into a drawing that coordinates with their 100th Day Writing. It’s so neat to see how many creative ideas the kids come up and how carefully they weave the digits into their picture.

That should make for a strong academic-focused 100th day celebration! Hope you find these ideas useful as you plan for your own celebration this year. Would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any fun ideas that might coordinate with my plans above.

100 Days & Counting

We always have so much fun celebrating the 100th day of school. I love being able to do activities with the kids that correlate with different holidays, but also provide practice with important skills. Here are some of the fun things we have done for the 100th day!
We estimate how many rolls of a dice it will take to get to 100. Each roll, the kids color in that many spaces, alternating colors each roll. Then we can compare our estimations with the actual number of rolls it takes.
For more estimation fun that gets the kids moving, we guessed how many times they could do something in 100 seconds, like how many jumping jacks they could do, or how many times they could write their name. 
We also like to do some sorting and counting by 10 while enjoying a little snack. 

We like to use our imaginations and draw what we think we will look like when we are 100.

And always a favorite, using the app, "Aging Booth" to check our predictions.

You can get these pages to use with your class in my blog store FREE here!
100th Day of School Pack
And you can always find plenty of Hundreds Chart Mystery Pictures in my TpT store (many for free) for some more math practice on the 100th day :-)

100 Days and Counting {with The McGrew Crew}

10 ways to celebrate the 100th day of school! 

1. It's easy to find 100 piece puzzles at the Dollar Store (or other bargain store). Purchase a few and put students in groups to see which group can complete the puzzle in the least amount of time.

2. Have students draw a self-portrait of what they would look like at 100 years old!

3. After students draw themselves, use THIS fun app called Aging Booth. Give students a little preview of what they might like at 100 years old. My kids LOVE using this!

4. See how many times each student can write their name in 100 seconds.

5. Use this fun color by code page to reinforce even and odd numbers. You can get it free HERE!

6. See how many jumping jacks your students can do in 100 seconds. This can be done with many different exercises. 

7. Use THIS free page (by Little Miss Kindergarten) to create a 100 piece trail mix snack with your students! 
8. Have students create a fun hat to wear on the 100th day of school! There are many cute ones out there (and many FREE ones!) Try THIS one made by Julie Lee!

9. To accessorize the hat, have students create a "100th Day" necklace by counting out 100 fruit loops, cheerios, etc. and stringing them onto a piece of yarn. 

10. This particular freebie can't really be completed in a day, but can be used the week or month that the 100th day is celebrated. It's a Reading Incentive Chart AND a Hundreds Chart in ONE! Check it out HERE!