100th Day {with Enchanted Kinder Garden}

The 100th day is always one of my favorite celebrations. The kids are excited for a “party” day. However, it’s great as a reflection day on all that they’ve learned in those 100 days. Over the past few years, I’ve done an assortment of activities on the 100th day, but these are some of my favorites.

100th Day Shirts and fashion show

These turned out so cute. These are just a few of them. We had a little "fashion show" to show off our cool 100th day shirts.

100th day snack
As a grade level, we do rotations. I always opt in for the 100 snack simply because I like the leftovers. HAHA… but really. That’s the only reason why..

Last year, I got smart and used a ten frame. They went around to each "place" and counted out 10 on the ten frame. Then, they took those off and dropped them in their baggies. It went SO much faster this way.

When I'm 100 years old...

I did this sheet two years ago! It was a HIT. I used the aging app to age their photos a few years. Then, I just printed them in b/w and had them to glue it in the box. After we talked about the differences in kids and "older people", they had to write down some of the things that 100 year old people have.

100 kisses scavenger hunt

This was also TWO years ago. Along with having my parents send in food for the 100 snack bags, I asked for two bags of kisses. It was enough for me to grab out 100. I wrote a number on the bottom of each up to 100. I laid out our pocket chart to 100. They had to search the room and place the correct kisses on the correct number.

Talk about FUN! I do make sure to eat a few after they are all found. :-)

Last year during the rotations, one of the other teachers decided to make a book with them. I cannot remember what it looked like or contained, so I decided to make one for this year since she’s not doing the book again. The only thing you’ll need is suckers. You can always take that page out if you choose to.

That's it. We'll be celebrating the 100th Day on the 29th of this month. I'm looking to find some new ideas to incorporate this year. Enjoy!

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