New Year, New Procedures with KookyKinders

Hey its Maja from KookyKinders! A new year gives you the chance to try some new things in your classroom! In kindergarten establishing routines is HUGE! I don't want to mess up how far my students have come so I don't add too much at first. We stick close to our regular routines and add new brain breaks, attention getters and center activities.

  Each morning my students come into our classroom, they sign in, flip their card for attendance, turn in their folders and reading bags and get their morning work.

 It may seem like so much for a kindergarten student to do, however we started this the first week of school and now they are pros! 

With new school regulations we have to reduce paper use. One of my students favorite things to use are the Boogie Boards! They add something special to simple writing activities.
What are some new procedures that you are implementing in your classroom?

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