100 Days and Counting {with Mrs. Decatur's Little Gators}

I will just preface this post by saying...how on earth has it been 100 days of school already this year?! Having said that... I am totally ready to bust out my special shirt & button! Let the celebration of learning begin! 

Since I only teaching reading and social studies to my two groups of firsties... the 100th day usually sneaks up on me! I don't do calendar time and count the days, when January rolls around, I have to peek next door and ask my lovely partner what day the 100th day will fall on! 

The first thing I do is decorate the door, this banner is hanging on for life y'all... this will be year 4 with it! I am not the first teacher to come up with this idea but the looks on the kids faces when they see it, is just priceless! 

Using this Aging Booth app has to be my all time favorite 100th day project! You simply open the app and take a photo of each student. Then print them out on regular black and white printer paper on your school's copier. 

Students wrote about the things they would like to do when they are 100 years old... too funny. Some of the funniest ones were about drinking coffee, playing cards, napping, and doing puzzles! 

Check the app out by clicking the photo below. 

Students used scrapbook paper for the clothes, dollies, buttons, and cotton balls to bring their 100 year old self to life! This project was well loved by the other staff member & building visitors! So cute. 

Happy 100th Day! 

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