100 Days and Counting {with Core Inspiration}

Next week is our 100th day of school. Honestly, I am still getting used to this whole 100th Day Celebration business. Back in my days of teaching third and fourth grade, there was not even a mention of the 100th day of school. Now in second grade, it’s definitely a hit. This year I am tweaking my 100th Day Celebration ever so slightly because last year was a perfect balance of low-key excitement. Here's the plan:

100 Reasons We Love School

Share 100 reasons we love school during morning meeting. I have 25 students who will each write five reasons they love school on little hearts. We will post these on our door so our neighbors can take a peek at everything we love.

I can't forget to mention, these little hearts will be written on with the perfect tips of brand new Crayola Markers. Giving the kids new markers for their group supply bins is a fun and inexpensive gift that we can all enjoy. 

Race To 100

Play Race To 100 during math workshop. This game has been a favorite since our place value unit so I’m gifting each student their own special 100th Day Edition to play at home with the family.

100th Day Writing

Write to the theme of 100 during Daily 5. Our Work On Writing choices will include a variety of 100th Day Celebration story starter printables. Here’s a peek:

Before I am 100, I want to…
If I had $100…
I know I am 100 days smarter because…
One hundred years from now…
One hundred days from now…
On the 100th day of school, I feel …
My 100 word story:

This activity will carry into writer’s workshop. Peer editing and final drafts will be polished through the end of the week.

100th Day Read Aloud

Enjoy a 100th day read aloud after lunch. Last year, I read 100 Days of School and my class loved it! Definitely need to cover this one in Con-tact Paper so it lasts.

100 Cup Challenge

Build community with the 100 Cup Challenge. After our read aloud, students will enjoy this slightly competitive team building activity. This is a new addition this year, so I’ll have to snap a few pics and share how it goes on Instagram.

Hidden Hundreds Art Project

This will be followed by a 100th Day art project I discovered on Pinterest last year. Each student receives a die cut set of digits to make the number 100. Their goal is to incorporate the digits into a drawing that coordinates with their 100th Day Writing. It’s so neat to see how many creative ideas the kids come up and how carefully they weave the digits into their picture.

That should make for a strong academic-focused 100th day celebration! Hope you find these ideas useful as you plan for your own celebration this year. Would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any fun ideas that might coordinate with my plans above.

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