100 Days and Counting {with The McGrew Crew}

10 ways to celebrate the 100th day of school! 

1. It's easy to find 100 piece puzzles at the Dollar Store (or other bargain store). Purchase a few and put students in groups to see which group can complete the puzzle in the least amount of time.

2. Have students draw a self-portrait of what they would look like at 100 years old!

3. After students draw themselves, use THIS fun app called Aging Booth. Give students a little preview of what they might like at 100 years old. My kids LOVE using this!

4. See how many times each student can write their name in 100 seconds.

5. Use this fun color by code page to reinforce even and odd numbers. You can get it free HERE!

6. See how many jumping jacks your students can do in 100 seconds. This can be done with many different exercises. 

7. Use THIS free page (by Little Miss Kindergarten) to create a 100 piece trail mix snack with your students! 
8. Have students create a fun hat to wear on the 100th day of school! There are many cute ones out there (and many FREE ones!) Try THIS one made by Julie Lee!

9. To accessorize the hat, have students create a "100th Day" necklace by counting out 100 fruit loops, cheerios, etc. and stringing them onto a piece of yarn. 

10. This particular freebie can't really be completed in a day, but can be used the week or month that the 100th day is celebrated. It's a Reading Incentive Chart AND a Hundreds Chart in ONE! Check it out HERE!

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