New Year, New Procedures {w/ The Super Sparkly Teacher}

So, we just returned to class this past Monday. After being away from each other for 3 weeks, it was important to review our classroom procedures (including transitions).

signal transitionsmusic in class

I love using music to signal transitions. It's so fun and definitely suits the atmosphere of my classroom. I got the idea from Rick Morris. I've been using this all year, but it's definitely important to review expectations AND change up the music. I have a specific song to signal different subjects and it definitely serves as a cue for many students. I notice them saying, "Oh, it's calendar time." So funny because I often wonder if they pick up on these kinds of things. Routines... gotta love them. #turnitup

My students are expected to stand behind their chairs. Once they hear the song, they may begin moving to the next location (carpet, centers, etc.). They are expected to be seated by the time the music stops and they definitely rush encourage one another to make it before the song ends.

classroom management
Please excuse my messy classroom.

Since it is a new year, I decided to introduce some new songs! Yippee! My kiddos definitely noticed that the tunes were different. #newyearnewsongs

I have a CD with the television theme songs, but you can play them for free from New Management's website {click here}. There's even a link for MORE SONGS! Isn't that awesome?! You can try it out without any commitment.

Do you use something else to cue students that it's time to transition? I'd love to hear about it. 

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