The 100th Day {but who is counting? With The Husky Loving Teacher}

I really love the 100th Day of School! It is one of those milestones throughout the year where everyone gets excited... the students, the teachers, even the parents! 

Today I am going to share something sweet and simple that you can use in your classroom that takes no time at all the make {it's an anchor chart}.

You can make this 100 Positive Memories chart and fill it out on the 100th day or you can have the kids put notes on leading up to the 100th day. Either way, it's very easy to manage and there is nothing to print! 

Want to see one of these sweet, positive notes up close? You got it!
My kids collect "Shilahs" which are similar to The Dojo behavior system, if you are familiar. Basically, the kids earn little Shilahs, which are our class mascot {my husky} and when they earn a certain amount, they are rewarded. 50 Shilahs is a milestone and this little sweetie was so proud to reach that goal! That just touched my heart!

Well friends, thanks for stopping by! I hope you get a chance to try out this chart and if you do, I'd love to hear about it!

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