100 Days and Counting {with Aloha to Second}

Woo hoo!  It's almost my 100th day of school, and it is my favorite day of the year!  I love celebrating and we have so much fun in our classroom really getting to know our numbers and understand our numbers.

I always like to dress like I am 100.  Here I am below.  :]  My kids love it and call me Grandma Brosey all day!

I use 4 different math activities for the students to complete on the 100th day.  They rotate around the room - I give them about 15 minutes at each center.  My kids love completing the tasks at each center and they love working with their friends!

The first one has students see how many activities they can in 100 seconds!  So, I set the board up to show a stopwatch for 100 seconds.  One of them watches their partner and counts for them while they complete the activity.  Some of the activities might include jumping jacks, clapping, writing numbers, sitting down and standing up, etc.  There is a recording sheet in my 100th day pack. This is a great activity to help them practice counting and exercise! 

The next activity had students race to 100 using dice.  They would roll 2 or 3 dice and add the dots together.  Then, they would color the picture alternating colors with crayons to show the different numbers they got each time. This way students can see their progression and make a pattern.  So, if they roll 6 the first time, they will color in 6 spaces one color, if they roll 8 next, they will color the next 8 spaces another color.  They will go back and forth.  They used a number grid to go to 100.

The next activity has students practice finding $1.00.  They pull out a card and add the coins together.  If it equals $1.00 then they record it on their paper.  They use money to help them add the money together to figure out whether it equals $1.00 or not.  There are two different recording sheets in my 100th day packet to help them practice counting money.  

The last activity has students draw two cards and practice subtracting the numbers to equal 100.  They record their answers on the worksheet.  They can use whiteboards or number grids to help them practice subtracting. I don't know about you, but my kids always struggle with subtracting. 

For reading, we practiced summarizing.  So, we read the book 100th Day Worries and practiced retelling the story.  We made a 100th day book and students had to record in the book what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  This was a fun story to read and a great way for kids to practice summarizing! You can find this fun book in my 100th day packet. 

As you can see, we do lots of fun activities on the 100th day!  Be sure to check back to see what our other teachers do on the 100th day. :]

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