New Year, New Procedures {w/Tickled Pink in Primary}

Returning to school after Winter Break can be challenging. Students have had a few weeks off and probably less structure than you provide. :) Now, is a great time to review rules/procedures and introduce any new ones you'd like to try.
Most schools are facing budget cuts and starting to track how many copies each teachers use. In order to cut down on worksheets for morning work, I have decided to let my students use wipe-off boards. After students come in, unpack their things, do their lunch count, etc. they then head to the rug and get out their wipe-off board supplies. Each kid has their own wipe-off board with their number on the back of the board. I let them do WHATEVER they want as long as it's educational. It's interesting to see what students choose to work on, whether it be something they need to practice or something they just enjoy learning about. When I walk around, I see students drawing pictures and then writing a sentence about it, practicing letters/numbers/sight words, doing math facts, etc. This keeps them busy, engaged, and working from the first few minutes they walk in the door!  
I still have to use some worksheets in centers to hold students accountable for their work. I wanted to start to let my students assess their own work and give me an idea on how they feel about what we are learning. If you've seen some of my past posts, you know that I give all my students a number. Students write their number on the top of pages so I can quickly see who turned in work. Then, they color code it to assess if the activity was easy, just right, or hard.
I like this idea because students get to let me know how the work was for them. I can then differentiate the work if needed. If I see a bunch of green, I know I can move on from that subject, if I see red, I know I need to re-teach. 

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