100 Days and Counting {w/ Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten}

Hi everyone, how many days have you been in school? Here in Wisconsin our 100th day usually falls sometime in the beginning of February so today I am bringing you my top 5 favorite 100th Day activities:
Finding ways to incorporate play and cooperation in my classroom is always a challenge, but this fun activity meets both of those goals.  Students pair up and then work together to create a structure with 100 small paper cups.  
As a bonus this can easily become a great STEM activity! Give your students the challenge of building the tallest or strongest structure and see what they come up with.  I created 2 response sheets for students to summarize their learning. You can grab them FREE here:

This activity is super easy and NO PREP! I start by asking my students if they think they can write 100 words, and usually they think that I am crazy! So I challenge them to give it their best shot! We start out together and everyone writes down as many names that they can think of (I suggest their own, their classmates, their family etc.) Next I ask them to write as many sight words as they can think of. (We've usually learned about 40 or so at this point in the year, plus color and number words) Then I give them a chance to walk around the room/school with a clipboard and look for words they can read, and they can then add those words to their list.  
I love how proud they are when they fill their pages with 100 words! Here are some free pages for students to write their words:

Do you have a zillion of those little teaching incentive stickers laying around? I know I do and I don't know how I always acquire so many! This activity reinforces counting by tens and is a great quiet activity to settle kids down if you're have a 100th Day party in your classroom.
Grab the FREE response page here:

These take a little bit of prep but are fun and easy for the kids to make and wear to celebrate the 100th day of school.  To prep each crown, you will need to cut 10 strips of paper (long enough to fit 10 dot stamps) and attach them to a sentence strip that will fit around your students' heads.  Then students use dot stampers to stamp 10 circles on each strip for a total of 100 stamps. As students finish I go around and staple the strip to the right size for their head, then gather all 10 of the dot stamped strips and staple them at the top to create the crown.
You can also have students color and add this fun star to the front too!

 And last we make a delicious 100th day necklace from fruit loops. I also make this into a sorting activity by having the students create groups of ten of the same color before they string them.  This makes it easy to keep track if they lose count of their cereal as well! You can find a FREE printable sorting sheet in my 100th Day pack as well.

Happy 100th Day of school, have fun celebrating how far your students have come! Grab all of your FREEBIES in one pack here:


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