New Year... New Classroom Procedures { with Mrs. D's Corner }

I just love when the new year rolls around. Between all of us being on winter break for 2 weeks and the change of year, it's a great time to start a new procedure or try something new with my students. This year was no different.

Ya'll already know that I'm a special education teacher. Since October, I have gotten 2 new students in my classroom... for a total of 7 students now. And behavior seems to be a biggie this year. That's when Simply Special Ed came to the rescue, as she usually does.

(PS. Alyssa is just the sweetest, most awesome person... if you teach SPED, you WANT to follow her).
So this was one of my "why recreate the wheel" moments. Alyssa already had created exactly what I needed, I'd seen photos of her using it on her IG, and she sold me on it.

Before winter break, one of my paras (who came to me from an ABA clinic... talk about lucky!) helped me set them up.
Since our classroom is color coded to the max, we didn't want to change it up with their token boards. Each student has their own token board in the color that matches all of their other stuff (bins, labels, binders... you know, anything I could color code to ease transitions, organization, and work load).
We started back last week, and probably should have started using them last week... but we will start using them in our classroom today. I'm really excited to see how it goes, and I'm hoping that it will help my friends become more intrinsically motivated.

What is something you've started new this school year?

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