New Year...New Classroom Procedures with Mrs. Grooms' Room

Hey y'all!!  How has your New Year been?  I am glad to be back but I think I could have used a couple more about you?  : )  So now that we are back into the swing of things, I am just chomping at the bit to make some changes!  

Since my students LOVE to talk to each other...especially in line.  But...I LOVE to assign my students a place in line.  It's an assigned line!  And I line them up them up according to personality. My quieter students stand by my students who talk just a little bit more.  I made an anchor chart for the first few days so they know where to stand in line and I keep a list with me so I don't forget either.  

I also love to give out marshmallows or Skittles when we go to related arts.  It is just one and the effort is worth the marshmallow especially on THOSE today!!!   You know what I am talking about!  ;) 

I know a lot of teachers have a secret walker or a super about a Ninja?  Are you a Hallway Ninja?  I love it!!  Ninjas are quiet and stealthy. There is no talking and you never know a Ninja is around.  Of course, we talk about how we still have to keep our hands at our fierce Ninja moves in line!

With center time, we rotate our centers daily and I LOVE it!!  For us, it helps keeps students rotated and it helps keep centers fair.  No one gets any more time at the iPad than someone else. So's been working great!!  

I have fourteen centers including iPads and listening centers. We change our centers everyday and it takes a second to change.   Everyday, everyone gets clipped down one center and they go to their numbered center during their reading time after they have finished their assignments. (If I need to change centers, I change the content of the center not the container. The iPads and listening centers don't have to be changed.  Yeah! I am always looking for those forever centers!!!)  

The next morning? I clip my students down again. 

I know I have talked about this before but every student in my class has a job. It is usually not a demanding job but an important job nonetheless.  It changes every week at the beginning of the week and they totally understand what is expected of their job as they learn through the year.  (I have never had a system work so well and my kids LOVE it!)  They get paid in PBIS tickets that we use to buy awesome prizes later. 

The New Year 2016 has definitely been a busy one but these are the things that always help the most and make day go a lot smoother.  What are some of your New Year procedures for your classroom?   I WOULD love to know!  Let us know below! 


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