100 Days and Counting (with ALL Y'all Need)

Last year, I celebrated the 100th day with my kindergarten class and we had a blast! This year, our 100 days of Pre K isn't until Monday. So hears a look at a couple of things I did last year and plan to incorporate into this year as well. 
Dress the Part! Yes, dressing up is fun and I love a good theme. However, I chose to dress up to enhance my lessons and engage my students. The kiddos took ownership of their learning and our day was filled with rigorous activities. 

 To start the day off, our school released 100 balloons!

We also sorted and counted 100 snack pieces for the 100th day snack. 

The kiddos also read 100 words and celebrated their success by placing 100 stickers on 100th day hats from Kinder Craze

We also incorporated some writing in our 100th day. We talked discussed what life will be like when we are 100. The kiddos responses blew me away! My favorite response was, "When I am 100, everyone will be kind." :) Throughout the day, we also played hopscotch to 100, read for 100 seconds, wrote for 100 seconds, took 100 steps, etc...

This year..... I plan to incorporate 100 acts of kindness. Throughout the week, we will perform acts of kindness and try to reach 100 by Friday! 

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