New Year....New Classroom Procedures {from Aloha to Second}

Woo hoo!  It's a brand new year.  I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after the new year.  This could be because I spent some of my break pitching, cleaning, and organizing my apartment.  I know I'm crazy, but don't worry I also watched plenty of Netflix. ;]

 I like to spend this time after break in my classroom reviewing procedures and continue to implement some that I have been using before.  I want to share with you one of the procedures I love using in my room, and I review it first when we get back from long breaks!

I am sure many of you have used or seen an "I'm Done" list - especially on Pinterest.  Well, I am going to share with you my version of the I'm Done list in my classroom.  My favorite part - very little prep and some have NO prep!

I always like to see my kids working, and I get very frustrated if they are just sitting doing nothing or playing around.  So, I find the I'm Done list to be simply amazing!  My students also love using it, mostly because I list all the items on an anchor chart (I gradually introduce each item and explain how to do it throughout the year.  I typically share 1-2 items a week.) and the students get to CHOOSE which activity they want to complete.  I love providing my students with choices; I feel that it allows them to enjoy what they're doing and take pride in their work. 

Here is the list I display in my classroom.  I have it posted at the front so everyone can easily see it and find it.

1.  Practice Sight Words.  
I post our weekly sight words in a pocket chart (love Target!) at the front of the room.  Then, students use white boards and markers to practice writing the words.  They can also use wiki sticks!

2.  Tie Shoes
This is a skill my kindergarten students are still struggling with.  So, they go over and grab a shoe from the basket and practice!

3.  Drawer Games
I love the drawer games!  I have a container of drawers and each drawer is labeled for each table.  Students grab the activity out of the drawer that matches the table they sit at.  Then, they take the activity to the table and play the learning game.  You can see one of the games below.  They are either games I have created or purchased off TpT.  I rotate the games for each table every week - so I only have to switch out the games every 3 weeks!

4. Ipads
Well, this is pretty simple.  I am fortunate enough to have 2 iPads and 4 tablets in my room.  Students can use these to play learning games on!  They love it. :]

5.  Read
Students may go to the class library and read a book.  They may read look books or a book at his/her level.  They love sitting in my beach chairs and reading a good book. 

6.  Writing Center
Students really enjoy the writing center. I have two stools set up at my writing center.  Students sit on the stools, grab a paper, and write a story using some of the words on the poster.  They LOVE writing new words and they feel like superstars when they spell them correctly.  You can see I have a basket of materials - pink highlighter, pencils, crayons, stickers, and red pens.  They can also use the stickers to write stories.  There are different paper options they can choose from.  When we have indoor recess, my kids fight over going to this.  The prep is easy too!  I made all my boards for each month, so all I have to do is change them out each year. 

I hope you found something useful to use in your classroom!  Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by. :]