Thrifty Teacher Finds & A Giveaway {Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden}

I swear I love to 'buy' anything that is FREE. Yep, I'll go dumpster diving, curbside shopping and anything else if I see something for my classroom that can save me tons of money. Sometimes it's a super easy fix with a can of spray paint or it just needs a few layers of painting. I know everyone has been going crazy about the things in Target, but I'm looking a little closer to the classroom for my first few thrifty finds.

One of my coworkers and I decided that we needed another junk trade table this summer. What's a trade table? As teachers are cleaning their classrooms and putting things back into their places, PURGE and get rid of good items that you're no longer using. The idea is to put them on the TRADE TABLE. All you have to do is drop some items that are still in good condition on the table. Then, someone else comes in and if they want it, they take it.

There has always been a room for this at my other schools, but we don't have one here. We wanted to "spice" things up and let people know to drop their treasured belongings here. Hopefully, this will cause some teachers to get rid of some things that could be beneficial and useful for other teachers. The deal is that either she or I need to take all the stuff to Goodwill at the end of the month or throw the old stuff away. DEAL! When people purge, I get to look at the goods in the process. This is some of the things in our workroom. Hopefully, some of our teachers take these goodie back to their rooms.

Just throw a sign up and start trading

Nameplates, month headers, books, craft supplies

100th Day hats, puzzles, workbooks

I found this LOVELY chair dumpster diving... okay not really diving, BUT it was next to a dumpster. I could only fit one in my car at the time so I took the one that didn't wiggle. I'm going to give it a nice fresh coat of paint. I just need a table to go with it and I'll be SET.

This was another teacher trade. I got these two bookcases for FREE! Once it's advertised that teachers can purge freely and others can come by and get it, there will be some happy campers. I'm just going to add some paint to these as well! I am SUPER excited about these.

My FAVORITE Thrifty Finds are actually not mine. One of my teammates scored these on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They were less only a few dollars I think she said. She's going to add a picture to the frame. HOW CUTE?!

Here's an easy image for you to pin to remember our thrift finds! Get started on that trade table at school and see what free items you can score.

We're also having a giveaway celebrating our growing family!

This is the TRUE official welcoming for them! You can enter to win a CUSTOMIZED Tallahasse Sunday Pencil, Quiet Pencil Sharpener and a set of Scented Smencils! Even though it's summer, we're getting you all set for Back to School when it's time! Just enter the rafflecopter below and be sure to tell ALL your friends! Then, head back here tomorrow for more thrifty finds.

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  1. Hello All! I will be a first year teacher for third grade this coming year and have been scrambling to grow my resources. I spent this past year in an AmeriCorps program teaching literacy so I have plenty of read/writing resources but no manipulatives. Is. Big box of manipulatives up for grabs?? I would pay shipping!! I love what you guys do! You have been a huge inspiration for me! Thank you! Amanda Long