Homework in Pre-K!

A new grade level has brought many changes to my homework routine. This year, my grade level sends voluntary homework on Monday and the kiddos have until Friday to bring it back. Our homework is usually a print and go from TPT. When they bring it back, they receive a sticker to add to their sticker book. Y'all, stickers in Pre-K are a BIG DEAL! Almost all of my kiddos bring back their homework so they can earn a sticker. (I honestly don't see the big hype but I'm glad it works!)
I also slip in some practice throughout the week using my weekly newsletter. I was introduced to smore.com to create a weekly newsletters at the beginning of the year and it has been a lifesaver! Every week, I take about 10 minutes to write the newsletter, add a few websites that kiddos can use if they'd like extra practice, and Youtube videos that we will be using for the week. My parents have LOVED it and my kids talk about singing our songs to their families. I highly recommend Smore
Last but not least, the final tool in my homework toolbox is ESGI. I can't even begin to describe how much I love ESGI! I can differentiate my homework easily by sending home flashcards of letters that my kiddos need to work on. My homework routine is super simple, but has helped me bridge the gap between home and school. 

Here's what my weekly newsletter looks like: 
                                                          Miss Faught's Weekly Newsletter
Please look at Smore! It's free and has really helped me share more tools that parents can use at home.

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