To Give or Not Give...Homework {in Mrs. Dailey's Classroom}

Hey Friends! I'm excited to talk with you about this topic because it's one that I love talking about... I've been teaching for a while now and in the beginning, I was unsure of what the right about of homework to give to my students was. I'll start by saying this, what I talk about today is my opinion. It's not researched based and it may not be the answer that everyone agrees with - but that's ok, because we can talk it through together!
I have found that in second grade, there is no reason to bog the kids down with hours of homework. There is a need, however, to begin the homework routine (if they have never had it before) and to prepare them for the homework they will be getting in third grade. I assign two major pieces of homework a night.
1. Reading for 20 minutes
2. A math worksheet or 5 minutes of math fact practice
Let's talk about the reading: I explain to the parents at open house that this can be done together and parents can read their children (of course!!!). Modeling how to read is helping young ones to read! As the year continues, the students begin to read to their parents or to themselves.
Now, the math: I only assign math problems that the kids know how to solve. It isn't the parents job to teach second grade math (that's my job!). Of course, there are going to be students who need their parent's assistance, but the homework is always something that the kids have been exposed to at school.
This is a peek at what the students would be bringing home on a typical night. If the students need a book, I allow them to take one from my library as long as they bring it back. The math sheet is from Second Story Window and I highly recommend their homework pack!
The biggest point that I would like to stress to you is that I don't make homework too fancy. It's reading and math. In my opinion, homework should be practice of the skills students are repeatedly working on with me in the classroom.
Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see more tips on homework!

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