The Magic of Word Study with The McGrew Crew

Each week my second and third grader have a 10 word spelling list to work on through the week. Because we have home school COOP on Fridays we only have 3 days to do word work before we test on Thursdays! While the workbook has some great activities, I find that adding in some extra things throughout the week is helpful...and sometimes fun! :)

Monday:  Read and copy the words, practice using them in sentences (verbally and/or written) and complete a practice page from the book.
Tuesday: A practice page from the workbook and use Bananagrams or letter tiles to spell out words. I like a day for some type of hands-on activity with the words. Another idea is making the words from play-dough or using alphabet stamps.
Wednesday: A practice page from the spelling book, sometimes we do a practice test on the whiteboard, and a word search created at
Thursday: We play a game called Spelling Bee on the iPad. I love this app for word work because you can record the words you want and make your own lists for different profiles. It's $1.99 on the iPad but I've found it to be well worth the money!
After the games, I give my kids their spelling test! I love using the FREE ones on TPT by 1st Grade is WienerFUL. Click HERE to see the December edition Spelling Tests!

Happy Holiday's from our Crew to yours!  

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