The Magic of Word Study {with Mrs. Thompson's Treasures}

When teaching students to learn to read, one of the best places to start is with CVC words. 

CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words are so great for students to put into practice all the sounds that they have learned. With so many words in the English language that don't sound like they look like they should, it is nice to have predictable words for students to learn. 

When introducing CVC words, I like to do it in the context of word families. It groups them together in a way that forces repetition, which is a key to building fluency. 

I love using a CVC interactive notebook that lets students interact with the word families in different ways. First, we make the words from letter tiles.

Then we move on to reading a word and matching it with the picture.

Next, we trace the word, read it, and match again.

Making reading fun is something I strive to do. So, I love incorporating some mystery pictures using color by CVC words to review. The pack of 16 mystery pictures I created can be found HERE.  

Or you can get the whole set included as a free bonus with the CVC Interactive Notebook

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