On Track and On Target {Kelsey from Aloha to Second}

Data is a huge buzz word!  I hear this word and part of me gets excited and the other part of me feels anxious.  It can be so much work and take so much time.  So, this year I have tried to cut back on my tracking and make it more meaningful and concise.

Our whole school has 3 WIGS, these are wildly important goals.  

1.  Our school will read 23,000 books by the end of the school year.
2.  Our school will raise $10,000 for the walk-a-thon.
3.  Our school will have 100% participation in student-led conferences.

Currently, we are working on our reading goal and the walk-a-thon goal.  Our student-led conferences are in the spring, so we aren't tracking that yet.  We track these goals as a whole school, as a class, and for each student.

Here are the class displays.

Here are the student displays that are placed in their leadership notebooks.


For their reading tracking, my students record the books they read each night on a reading log.  You can find my reading log here for free!

Their reading logs are kept in their book bags and a new book is sent home each night.  On Friday, students highlight the books they read that week and add the total number of stickers to their tracking sheet.  I also keep a class total and add it to our class display.  The class total is also sent to one of our teachers and she tracks the whole school progress! Whew! Are you tired yet?  Let me tell you, this can be exhausting sometimes, but totally worth it to see that students are showing reading growth.

I also set one class goal at a time.  Our class is tracking how many students know their personal mission statements.  Once a child learns it, they can add their name to the gumball machine.  When the whole class is in the machine, we can chew gum for a day!

Let me dive into personal student goals and tracking. 

I have grouped my students into ability groups, and these groups have different goals to track.  Some groups work on letter ID, letter sounds, sight words, counting, and number recognition.  

So, each child has a personal goal and an academic goal.  I set that each child would have a personal goal of tying shoes.  Then, the academic goals are based on areas students are struggling in.

Here is an example of some of my tracking sheets.

I sent home a letter to my parents telling them their child's goal, and I sent home activities they can use to practice this at home.  Then, each week I pull the students and practice this skill, and on Friday I test them.  After I test them, the students color their tracking sheet to show their progress.

I like that the goals and tracking sheets are based on individual students and it pushes them to work towards a meaningful goal.  It did require time, but once it was all set up it felt so good!  We are on trimesters, so I will have students track goals once per trimester.  

I have created many tracking sheets that follow the same template above.  You can find it here in my data notebook packet.  Click on the picture below if you are interested. :]

I hope you have found some useful things!  Thanks for stopping by. :]

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