On Track and On Target {tracking letters and sounds}

As teachers we wear many hats and do many things in our daily routine. One of those things is progress monitoring and making sure our students are making gains and reaching goals.

Even though my students are young, they can still be a huge part of their goal setting and they can even track their learning.

One way that my students participate in their data tracking and goal setting is by showing what they know when it comes to their letters and sounds (a huge part of our learning in Kindergarten!) 

When I sit down with my students one on one, I let them color in letters they know on letter naming sheets that will go in their portfolio at the end of the year. I make a big deal about how we learn and grow in kindergarten so that they don't feel discouraged about possibly not knowing many letters at first.

By giving them the crayon, they have control and it is more like "I can show my teacher what I know!" vs. me assessing them or quizzing them. They read the names of the letters and color them in if they know them (with my guidance and verification so they aren't just randomly coloring of course!) 

There is one for capital and lowercase letters, with the letters appearing in different order.

There is also a sheet for letter sounds.

You could use a different sheet for each month or quarter, or just as a baseline assessment for instruction - it is up to you! I like to check in once a month with a new sheet so that they can really see their growth over time. They feel so proud!

Download the Data Sheets

You can grab these letters and sounds sheets for yourself by clicking HERE!

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