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Hello friends! I’m going to share about how I track reading data, but I want to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Carol from The SuperSparkly Teacher! I’m one of the newest collaborators and am thrilled that I’ve been welcomed into the Elementary Entourage family. This is my sixth year teaching. My first four years were spent in second grade and I sometimes miss it. Although I do love all the crafts my firsties get to do.
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I enjoy traveling with my husband. So far, we've done a lot of touristy things in many big cities across the country. I'm looking forward to foreign exploration in the future. 
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So, I don’t usually get excited about tracking data. But I do get excited when it comes to reviewing student progress and growth. In first grade, there is definitely a lot of growth when it comes to reading. Here are some of the ways I monitor my students’ progress.
guided reading notes
anecdotal notes for guided reading
When it comes to report cards, I am expected to share what students are able to do and what they’re still working on. A few years ago, I started recording anecdotal notes on index cards. It is so helpful! I put the things they are doing well at the top (with a plus), and things we need to work on at the bottom (with a minus).

I group the cards by reading groups/levels. I can move the cards around if a student moves to a different group. The cards don’t take up a ton of space on my cluttered table either. I tried using a form (that was much more formal), but I was so distracted because it meant there was one more thing on my table. #easilydistracted 
Click HERE to see it on TpT
Have you come across this Basic Data Folder on TpT? It’s a freebie that was created by Christina Brainbridge. It has so many charts! I have students chart their reading level every month. It’s fun to see their growth especially as time passes.

reading data
I keep all of my Reading Data in a binder with Avery dividers. Each student has a spot for his or her current running record, reading level graph and sight word graph. It’s handy enough that when I have an extra helper, they are able to update any of the information with the student.

Would you like to snag the chalkboard binder cover for yourself? Click {HERE} to download it for free. #freebiealert

Well friends, thanks for sticking around! I can't wait to come back and share again next month. 

Have a super sparkly day!

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