On Track and On Target {with The Sunny Side of Second Grade}

Hey y'all! Welcome back for another installment of our series on tracking data and setting student goals. We are all constantly trying to aim for student independence and standards mastery. What better way to do that than to track individual student data and goals? We can teach all day long, but if we have no way of tracking student progress, then how do we know for sure what we taught really hit home?

One of the items I use in my class is something I created to be used with my R.E.A.D.I.N.G. and iR.E.A.D. literacy station management packs. Inside the individual packs, you are given several planning and data tracking sheets to use when you meet with your small groups. These are tracking sheets I keep in addition to the data tracking I use with my district level tracking through mClass. All of the pieces fit together in a nice little puzzle that helps me figure out just what a student needs to be successful.

This planning page will help you work with students in small groups and target standards and even interventions within the group. It really helps me identify individual students that need additional support. Stay on track with this planning page, and keep your students on target with the standards they need to keep them progressing.

After meeting with your little sweeties for a while, you will be able to monitor their progress using this progress monitoring sheet. Specify the concept/standard you are targeting at the top of the page. I would recommend involving your students in their progress monitoring, explaining to them the purpose and allowing them to color in their own graph. This helps students take ownership of their education and push harder to master their individual learning goals.

If you like these planning and tracking pages, you can snag them for free here: Planning Reading Stations FREEBIE or you can grab these and more in one of my full literacy management systems: READING Literacy Management System or iREAD Literacy Management System.

I hope this has helped you on your individual journey to help your students learn and grow!

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