Assess with Dress {with Mrs. Thompson's Treasures}

Assessing your students is a necessary part of teaching. Sometimes written tests are inevitable, whether state mandated or simply for you to get some grades for report cards. But in the day to day, assessing your students informally is a great way to keep a gauge on what the students have absorbed and what may need to be retaught.

I love using simple games to assess students. They are engaged and having fun, yet you are able to see who knows what. One of my favorite games is dress up. It will have your students laughing til it hurts! It is so versatile and can be used for any grade and subject. All you need is a box of dress up items (hats, scarves, funny glasses, etc.) and a list of questions.

When it is a student's turn, you ask them a question and if they get the answer correct, they get to choose a dress up item for you (or another student) to wear. If they get it wrong, they have to choose something to wear themselves. All items will be worn until the end of the game. You can do this game as a whole class, or in smaller groups so each student has a chance for more questions.

It's such a fun game to play, and students love being able to be silly with you! 

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