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Most of us are currently wrapping up the first quarter of school or have already done so! Whoa, did it just fly by for me! My life has been a HUGE whirlwind over the past few months, full of changes, but I'm happy to be back here today with my Elementary Entourage family and our readers! 

So, I have made a change in the assessment data I currently keep... I'm now back in the classroom in 5th Grade! I teach ELA to 50 lovely kiddos and feel so blessed to have had this opportunity at our neighborhood school that my child attends! 

Anyhow, I've really had to get my data binder for 50 organized!!!!!!!!!!! What a task!!!!!!!!!! Changing my mindset from a Literacy Coach looking at school and grade level data to now looking at individual student data according to my personal instruction. Especially being in a new state [well, returning] that is slightly different than my previous state. But, the bottomline is no matter where you are, tracking data is essential to your instruction.

So here's what is currently in my Data Binder!

ELA Data Sheet:
I created this data sheet to help me get the "whole child" picture and to see the data progression throughout the school year.
This data sheet tracks the past two previous grades in the categories of: State Assessments, Reading Level, Reading Grade, FAIR, Writing Grade, RTI, etc... Those categories continue for this school year along with MobyMax. 

I created this in an editable document for FREE for everyone to use and adjust to your personal needs!
[Click below on any of the photos for direct links!]

Standard Data Sheets:
The next thing I use is my Standard Data Sheets from my Grade Level Data Binder Products. These data sheets allow me to specifically focus on standards, which is my Core Tier 1 Instruction for all students. You can use these sheets in a variety of ways. I use them to look at mastery, assessment, etc... This also transfers into the small group instruction I use. I meet with groups on their instructional reading levels along with groups who need remediation in specific standards, skills and strategies.

As a Literacy Coach, I created this versatile Data Sheet for K-5! I am currently now using it myself.

Reading Level Growth Tracker:
I also track reading levels in my data binder. I use this Reading Level Growth Tracker for individual students and to look at my entire class. This helps me look at my class as a whole and my students individually when it comes to independent reading levels.

This form I use for each student to graph their progress throughout the school year:

These 2 forms I use to see my class as a whole:

These 2 forms I use after I track my data to help plan my small group instruction:

I hope you find this post useful in some way, shape or form! As assessments continue to change in schools some things will always remain the same... Core Instruction [our standards] and reading levels!

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