Tricks and Treats {From The Kindergarten Connection}

Fall is here, and Halloween is just around the corner! It's on a Monday this year too, which is kind of like every teacher's nightmare.

But we are here to help make Halloween more exciting this year with some tricks and treats for you! (As in, teacher tips and free resources - yay!)

Teacher Tricks

In thinking back on this past school year, I settled on my top 3 tips that either made things easier for me, or more fun for my students.

1. Spray Paint Your Magnetic Letters

This fabulous organization trick was sent to me by TeacherKel (find her here on Instagram!) and she allowed me to share her fabulous photo setup with my readers.

Use spray paint (check labels of course and be sure you are doing so safely) to color code your magnets for word work centers.

No more mixed letters - the individual sets will stay organized!

2. Fun Pens in the Writing Center

If you have a writing center, write the room, or anything of the sort, fun pens or unique writing tools are essential! 

It increases interest and engagement instantly, and provides kids a break from traditional pencil writing. 

I got these fun pens from Scholastic, but you could pick up some on Amazon, the dollar store - anywhere you see them. 

3. Color Sort Your Extra Crayons

The teacher before me had a ton of these small microwave meal trays (because we all know teachers save everything, and I was glad she did!) but any small container or drawer set would work. 

I put crayons in them on a shared shelf space. If anyone needs a color they don't have, they can just run over and grab one. 

No more, "I don't have a pink!" or color searching chaos. 

Teacher Treats!

Treats and freebies are always fun, right? Well, I have a fun freebie for you that is perfect for fall!

Turkey Ten Frames is great for a quick and fun math center. Head over and grab your copy by clicking the link or photo below.

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