5 Ways to Get Your Students Moving

Incorporating more movement into your school day doesn't have to be difficult. Little changes can add up to make a big difference! Here are 5 easy ways to get your students moving and learning!

1) North, South, East, West - This is a fun game to play while reviewing any subject. All you need is 4 walls and some multiple choice questions. Tape a sign on each wall with the correct direction. Then read a question to your students, giving the multiple choice answers as N, S, E, or W (instead of A, B, C, or D) Students then move to the correct wall to show they know the answer to the question. 

2) Vocab Match Up - Students love this game to practice vocabulary words. Use index cards and write vocab words on half of the cards and the definitions on the other half. (You can also do this with math problems, putting a math problem on half the cards and the answers on the other half.) Mix them up and pass them out. Students then walk around the room comparing cards with each other until they can find their match. Gather the cards, mix them up, and play again!

3) Move it outside - With spring approaching, now it the perfect time to get students outside! Have students bring their journals outside to complete a writing assignment, or have them do an observation of something in nature. 

4) Sidewalk Chalk - Even older kids can have fun with sidewalk chalk! Work on math problems or spelling words outside on the sidewalk. Once I even had my class do a collaborative project where we drew a life size blue whale with chalk in the bus lane. 

5) Movement Jar - Write some quick exercises on slips of paper and put them in a jar. Examples could be 10 jumping jacks, hop on one foot for 30 seconds, touch your toes 5 times, etc. During times when you are already transitioning during the day say, "Time for the movement jar!" Have a student pick from the jar and read the movement. It takes only an extra minute, but it can really help add movement throughout the day!

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