Engaging Games to Get Your Students Moving While Learning

Now more than ever, it's important to include some movement into learning. With schools limiting recess, free play, and even special area classes like PE, music, art, etc. This is one reason I developed my Fluency & Fitness resources a few years ago. I wanted to make learning more fun again! 
Fluency & Fitness allows students to work on essential reading and literacy skills, but then get a chance to move and exercise every few slides. Here's a sneak peek of some Fluency & Fitness in action in the classroom. 
These games can be used during your reading or math block, transitions, brain breaks, morning meeting, inside recess, etc. They only take about 2-3 minutes to play and are very helpful to give your students a fun way to review. Below is a preview from my Silent E Fluency & Fitness Bundle. This particular game has students turn CVC words into CVCe words. 
Students BEG to do these and don't even realize how much they're learning. Teachers love that not only are their kids having fun, but they don't have to lose any instructional time. This is the Money Fluency & Fitness Bundle.
I left these games so you can adapt them for your own classroom. You can choose to click through the slides manually or add a timer if you'd like to participate with your students. :) I like to click through so I can go slow as we are still practicing the skill, then a lot faster as they've mastered it. This Number Sense Fluency & Fitness is one my best sellers. You can find more Fluency & Fitness games here, including grade level bundles and my popular MEGA bundle!
Since teachers are loving Fluency & Fitness, I wanted to create something similar but with a team or small group aspect and Holiday themes. My new resources called Fluency Find It have students work in small groups. Students look at the screen and then find the answer on a worksheet at their table. They may find the matching letter, middle vowel sound, answer to the math problem, etc. That student continues playing until they see the "switch spots" slides, and then they go to the end of the line. Students may help each other with the answers if their friend needs help. I've played these games since October and really love watching how the students work together.
Each Holiday comes with 5 games that students should be fluent in for that time of the year. Here's a peek of the 1st grade St. Patrick's Day Fluency Find It in action. I have these games for Kindergarten and 1st grade, but will be working on the 2nd and 3rd grade sets soon. You can find all of my Fluency Find It game here

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