Integrating Technology (with The Friendly Teacher)

We use technology daily in my room. We have both chrome books and iPads and love both! One of my favorite ways to use technology is through book clubs.

I love having book clubs in the classroom. I love when students are reading books that they enjoy, but also reading them with their friends. What I hate about book clubs is all the copying for the different groups. So, I changed to all digital book clubs!

My students will read their pages for the week and then complete a book club sheet on their Google Drive. Each week I have students read a certain amount of pages and work on the skill that their group needs to focus on. Then, when they come to meet with me they bring their computer and book. We discuss what they read and then focus on that specific skill. Before they leave I will teach them the skill they will work on next week and give them the assignment!

The best part is all I have to do is post the different sheets on my Google Classroom. Gone are the days of copying five copies of all these different types of paper! Students are much more motivated because they love using the computers! Also, with computers you can add more color which adds engagement for kiddos!

Here is a kiddo completing the point of view assignment after reading their book club pages!

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