Get Movin' {with The McGrew Crew}

Happy March everyone! Spring is upon us and we all know what that means...SPRING BREAK! This time of year often brings out the CrAZy in our students (and in ourselves if we were being honest). So, here are some fun ways to get them moving (and still learning).

1. Flash Card Races

Whether your students are working on math facts or sight words (or other facts), take the opportunity to put those flash cards to a more exciting use. Tape flash cards down, have students hop from card to card reciting their facts as quickly as possible to see who gets to the finish line first! Are you able to go outside? Even better! Use sidewalk chalk to write out facts or problems!

2. Preschool Letter Hunt

When my kids are 3-5 years old and we are working through a letter-of-the-week curriculum, I always enjoy letter scavenger hunts. I let them use a kid friendly camera like THIS one and we look for letters in nature. Here are a few examples: 

3. Hide-n-Seek Puzzles

Two of my boys' favorite activities are puzzles and hide-n-seek, so I married the two! They love to either take turns, or have me hide the pieces and then race to see how fast they can find them and get the puzzle put together. This USA puzzle is a great educational puzzle to hide and get them up and moving on a rainy day!

4. Twister with a Twist

Use this classic game for a fun way to practice sight words! Write sight words on sticky labels and place one on each dot. Make sure to add them to the spinner as well. Turn this fun game into an educational (and potentially comical) activity! 

5. Musical Masterpiece

This looks so fun to me! It makes me wish I had more than 3 students (home school ya know?) to do this with! You can find more details from The Write Stuff

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