Integrating the Arts {With The Kindergarten Connection}

So often (and sadly so) the arts get taken out of the school day when we get put in a time crunch or with budget cuts. Music may get cut, or art, drama, and more. Kids need these important educational experiences, and while my students are still blessed to have twice weekly music classes, I know that is not the case in all schools. 

One thing I do teach on my own is art, and I often do this through integrating fun art projects that go along with our current season or theme. 

I have taught each grade from Pre-K through 3rd, and I know that each grade is unique, but also that each age in the primary grades can use practice with following directions, cutting skills, fine motor work, and also experimenting with color, lines, and other introductions to arts and crafts. 

These 10 winter art projects are perfect for the primary grades and are sure to be a hit with your kids too! 

10 Winter Art Projects for Kids

(from left to right) 

Make a fun close up winter snowman painting. // Housing a Forest 

Use oil pastels for beautiful winter tree art. // Buggy and Buddy 

These winter watercolor trees turn out wonderfully! // Happiness is Homemade

This winter handprint tree makes a great keepsake or display. // Arty Crafty Kids

Grab some construction paper and make this snowy mountain winter tree art. // I Heart Crafty Things

These salt and watercolor snowscapes are quite a wonder! // Crafting Connections

Why not learn about color mixing with snow? // Adventures in a Box

These process art snow prints are so fun and unique. // Still Playing School 

If you can head out in the snow, these snow mandalas are amazing! // Wilder Child 

Another great keepsake and a fun classroom craft are these painted snowglobes! // Crafty Morning

What's your favorite winter art project? 

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