Teaching Then and Now {with Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

Then:  When I first started teaching, I was so excited about all of my stations around the room.  They were cute, colorful, well organized, and easy to manage.  The stations that I had were very cookie cutter... writing, work work, listening, etc.  "One size fits all" type of stations.  
They also took up a lot of room in the classroom. 

Now:  As I got more experience in the classroom, I slowly started to realize that the huge difference in learning levels in the classroom demanded that my stations change.  I created the tubs below so that my students would have differentiated stations that fit their needs.

Students check the chart to see what number tub they are on that day.  Then they grab the tub that matched this groups color.  So if my blue group is working on blends, that will be in one of their tubs.  If my yellow group needs to work on non-fiction main idea and details, that skill will be in one of their tubs.

Students can take the tub anywhere in the room... a table, the floor, a rug... and work on the skills in their tub.

How has teaching changed the most for you as a teacher?

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