Teaching Then and Now {with Aloha to Second}

One thing I have changed over the years is data tracking in my classroom.  I used to track so many things, and it was too overwhelming.  Now, I choose/have my kids choose a personal and academic goal that is challenging yet maintainable.  Then, they work towards reaching that goal.  We track it as a class and in their personal binders.  Here is our most current tracking system. :] 

Throughout the school year, my students and I work to set classroom goals that we track.  We also track them in their leadership binders so they can see their individual growth.  We begin by finding a personal goal and an academic goal to focus on.  

Personal goals:  A goal that has to do with you as a person, to make yourself better, something nonacademic.

Academic goals: A goal that allows you to focus on something academic in the classroom, a goal centered around the standards

Once we establish one personal and one academic goal, we then vote on a way to celebrate it if we achieve our goal.

I typically give my students options and they vote on them.  It is much more productive and then I am in control of the amount of money I spend. :]

Once we vote, then I make a classroom tracking display that we work towards filling in to reach our goal, and I also make individual tracking pages for their leadership binders. 

We also establish an appropriate deadline to reach our goals.  I find using holidays to set our goals much easier.  The students are able to understand when the holiday is coming and it helps us have a focus.  

Each week, each student is pulled to practice/review their goals for the week.  We also assess once a week and record the outcome in their binder.  If students reach either of the goals, I add their name to the classroom display.

I send home activities to help my kids practice at home, and I also provide extra support at school so that we can all reach the goal. 

Above, you can see our first goal for the year.  We wanted everyone to learn their letters and sounds by Halloween.  That was their academic goal.  The personal goal was to learn their personal mission statement that they recite every morning.  Once we all reached both goals, we got to chew gum for a day!  There was one piece of gum placed in the gumball machine for each goal. 

Here is our most current goal.  We want everyone to be in the 100's club and put first things first by Christmas.  The 100's club consists of counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's.  We put first things first by getting to school on time, coming to the classroom ALONE, and putting our things away before starting our morning routine.  I have had a big issue this year with students being late and students' parents walking them to the classroom and unpacking their child's backpack for them.  This is a very important goal that we are tracking each day!  Once students are able to achieve both, they get to put their names in the pizza and we will then have a pizza party!

I hope this is useful for you!  I have found it to be a fun way to track our classroom goals and to help us stay motivated. :] 

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