Integrating the Arts (with A Love of Teaching)

I've always loved integrating arts and crafts into my curriculum. When I taught fourth-grade math and science I would do this on a consistent basis. To begin with, I integrated arts and crafts for fun but then gradually noticed that student's retention levels increased when pairing content with a matching art or craft activity. Studies have shown that arts integration uses teaching practices that have been shown in brain-based research to improve comprehension and long-term retention. For example, when students create artwork that expresses the content they are learning, they are also forming connections and helping to embed the information. Basically, this creates a memorable learning experience which lays the foundation for deeper retention levels in students.

Winter Themed Directed Drawing Projects for Kids

One of my favorite ways to integrate art into the classroom is by using directed drawing.  Directed drawing is a step-by-step activity that guides students to produce a piece of artwork that is intended to look a certain way. What I love about directed drawing is that...

  1. It sets the foundation for how shapes work together to create a bigger picture.
  2. Every student produces a piece of artwork that looks so different, yet the same (makes a beautiful bulletin board).
  3. Students feel incredibly successful when they are finished.
  4. It's the perfect way to integrate art into the curriculum seasonally or through content.
  5. It's super easy to tie directed drawing to the standards.
Integrating the Arts into the Classroom
We have an amazing art teacher at my school who guides students each year to complete a directed drawing for Art to Remember, a PTO fundraiser (which I highly recommend). The image at the top of this page shows the directed drawing artwork my daughter completed last year. I was so in love with it that I ordered snowflake ornaments, coffee mugs, and refrigerator magnets with her artwork on it! 

If you Google "Direct Drawing" or search for it on Pinterest you'll find tons of examples and directions to use in the classroom. These 6 Christmas Themed Directed Drawings are a few of my favorites. They are perfect for any classroom, and I know students will love them, too!

6 Christmas Themed Directing Drawing Projects for Kids

6 Christmas Themed Directed Drawing Project for Kids 

Santa Claus Directed Drawing from Proud to be Primary
Proud to be Primary is my all time favorite go-to site for directed drawing projects. Elysa gives step-by-step instructions that are easy for kids to follow and the end result is always precious! 

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Directed Drawing from Busy Kids Happy Mom
This activity is perfect for all ages. A list of drawing supplies needed and a step-by-step printable of directions are included. See if your students can follow directions. You'll know by the way the reindeer turns out!

Snowman Directed Drawing from Proud to be Primary
Another one of my favorites from Elysa over at Proud to be Primary! This project can be adapted for any primary classroom, and I absolutely love how she incorporates watercolor paint. Printable directions are included!

Grinch Directed Drawing from Art Projects for Kids
This website is amazing! There are so many directed drawing projects to choose from. You can download each project which includes step-by-step instructions. They have amazing projects to choose from including plants and animals, fall leaves, and holiday specific tutorials.

Elf Directed Drawing from Learning with Mrs. Parker
Mrs. Parker has created an easy to follow video for students to watch while drawing a Christmas elf. She also ties this project to elf themed literature. A list of recommended books to read to your class is included.

Christmas Tree Directed Drawing from Art for Kids Hub
This website is phenomenal! Rob (Mr. Hubs) creates video tutorials of directed drawings for kids. He includes his family in his videos which make them very entertaining for students to watch. You can find tons of directed drawing projects on his site that will tie to almost any content area or seasonal theme.

What's your favorite directed drawing project to complete with your students?


  1. Hi Kim! Thanks a ton for featuring my directed drawings in your post!! I hope that many teachers can find access to these fun drawing activities that are so rewarding for children.
    Elyse - Proud to be Primary

  2. Any chance that you're willing to share the directions for the child with her mouth open in the snow? I'm not seeing those... Thanks! These are great!

  3. Thanks so much for the sharing my elf directed drawing with others. Directed drawings are one of my favorite projects to do with my students.