Communicating with Parents {from The Husky Loving Teacher}

Hey friends and happy holiday season! To kick start this month, we are sharing all kinds of helpful tips about parent-teacher communication. Let me start by saying, you may already know all of my tips, or, if you are a new teacher, you might find these really helpful. Everyone says it's important to build positive relationships with parents and reach out to them often. It's true, friends! You always want to have the parents on your side for the sake of the students. I have found that once parents trust me and know that I am doing everything I can to help their child, as well as all of the other children in my room, they are willing to share insightful family information and do as much for me as they can. It's all about building a mutual relationship with parents.

I'd also like to share my reasoning behind my three best tips for parent-teacher communication, so here goes!

 1. Keep a running list of important info.

I will be teaching a lesson and *boom* something hits me comes to mind that I want to share with my classroom parents! I always have a pad of paper on my desk that I jot down ideas on of what I like to share with parents. I find it is so much easier to write my classroom newsletters when I have a running list of information. This information is also authentic and it's not me just talking about standards or who knows what!

 2. Send periodic emails

In addition to my classroom newsletter, I send emails at least once a week! I do my best to keep my information in my newsletter but if I have already sent it and there's something important that I need to tell the parents, I certainly will send an email. To be honest, I think parents like short and sweet emails over a huge newsletter (but I still send both).

3. Always express gratitude

Building positive relationships with parents has a huge plus. Parents who feel invested in their child's teacher are willing to help out in so so so many ways!!! I have parents volunteering and sending sweet gifts in all of the time. Anytime a parent sends in a gift (which come on, they don't have to, and when they do I am so honored) I ALWAYS send a "thank you" note! This is twofold, (1) I want my students to learn how to express gratitude and see my thanking their parents and (2) I authentically want the parents to know how grateful that I am for anything from a candy bar to a gift card.

Well friends, I hope these tips helped you and I'd love to hear your thoughts about parent-teacher communication! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to read some more helpful info!

Melissa from
The Husky Loving Teacher 

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