Positive Parent Communications {With The Learning Chambers}

Hello friends!  Today I wanted to share with you how I use Edmodo in my classroom to communicate with my parents.  Of course, I still love to send home little notes and make positive phone calls but I love using Edmodo as a quick way to message all of my parents.  It's been a life saver for sure and I've gotten a lot of compliments from my parents.  Here is how I use it in my classroom...

If you use Edmodo in your classroom, using the Edmodo Parent App is a must!  Not sure how to get your parents to sign up for a parent account?  Here is how they can sign up...

Your parents will just need to go to the Edmodo website and they will find the parent code on the front page of their child's page.  They can also download the Edmodo Parent App for either Apple or Android devices.

They can create their own account and follow along with their child's progress.  They can also see notes that you send to parents.  I love using this as a way to send out announcements.  

I just go into my group and type in the name of the group in the send box.  When the group comes up, I just need to click on the one that says (Parents) at the end of it.  You can also schedule it to send at a later date.  That is super handy and a total timer saver!

I hope you guys can use this super easy way to communicate with your parents.  It has been a total life saver in my classroom this year.

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