Positive Parent Communications {With Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten}

Keeping on top of parent communication can be such a challenge.  Sometimes I feel lost in a sea of emails, voice mails, and notes that I need to respond to especially around holidays and special events.

In addition to keeping up with all of these communications, my school district places a huge emphasis on making positive contacts with parents. So I wanted to share a quick little freebie and tip for you for keeping track of parent communication. For me, giving positive communication to parent always came easily because in kindergarten a majority of my students were picked up by their parents at the end of the day and I would have a chance to share a quick story. But it is so easy to lose track of all those day to day interactions with families. Also I wanted to be sure I was touching base with the families that I wasn't able to see on a daily basis, so I started to keep track of these POSITIVE contacts only.  Any time I interact with parents to celebrate and tell them something awesome about their child I write it down.

There are always a few kids that I feel like I'm having so many not so fun conversations about (for behavior, academics, etc.) that they really really need to hear the positive.  I really do want parents to know how much I love and care for their child regardless of the challenges.

Here is a little spreadsheet I created to keep track of these POSITIVE contacts that is quick and easy for me to use.
I keep it on a clipboard on my desk so I can quickly add the date and code for any interactions I had that day. I find it really holds me accountable and is a great reflection on my own teaching. Grab a copy for FREE here!

I also think that it is super important to find ways to invite families into the school/classroom to continue to build those positive relationships.  That is why every spring I work with my Kindergarten team to host Muffins for Mom and Donuts for Dads events for Mother's and Father's Day.  Although getting parents involved is often a struggle at my school, this event typically brings almost every family in because it is so special and of course all FREE ;)

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