Positive Parent Communication {with Aloha to Second}

Parent communication is one of the most important things in the classroom.  I always like to keep parents informed of what is going on.  This helps prevent negative things from arising, and it just builds a great relationship with the families.

One focus I have is to send a positive parent note home at least once a month.  They get feedback often, but I like to give them something hand written or via email.  I get lots of compliments from parents when I do this!  I document my communication in my binder.  I have numbered tabs and behind each tab is where I keep student information, and I also include this parent communication log.  I like this log because I can quickly circle how I communicated and jot a short note of what the communication was about.  I try to not repeat the positive things I say when I send notes home.  You can grab your free copy below!

I also sent home a weekly newsletter.  It may seem like a lot, but it is actually easier than doing one monthly because you can quickly put the information for the week and some things don't change so you can keep them on the newsletter each week.  It is a great way to remind parents of things that are going on and it keeps them informed of what their child is learning each day.  I loved doing this!  I found this template here.  I placed an example of one of mine below!

At my new school we were asked to not write newsletters but use a blog instead.  At first I was hesitant because I'm "old school" and I like paper/pencil, but I started blogging for my class and I love it!  At the beginning of each week I post a "Glance of the Week" and it tells the parents what we're learning for the week, and then during the week I post pictures and information about what we did during our learning.  I can also use it to post reminders and provide them with various resources.   Parents sign up to receive email notifications for when I post, so they are always being informed.  You can check out my school blog here!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have found some good resources.  I would strongly suggest using a classroom blog to keep families informed.  It also saves paper! :]

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