The Moment of Truth! Communicating with Parents! [Using FACEBOOK with Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching]

Facebook for parent communication? Say what? You mean not to socialize with friends! YES!

It's Dianna here with you today from Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching!
Today I am here as a parent! Pretty interesting, that I feel more compelled to share with you what makes me so happy right now about my daughter's Pre-K teacher rather than what I do as a Literacy Coach. Sure, I communicate with parents every day about reading, assessments and laws. But what I'm about to share has knocked the socks off my husband and I. WE LOVE OUR DAUGHTER'S PRE-K TEACHER!

We LOVE her parent communication! DAILY and POSITIVE!
So what's so great?
We have a class Facebook page! Every evening I see my daughter and classmates in action for the day!

It is also the primary source of parent communication for all other classroom and school related things. Check out below some of the parent communication >>>

So, I have heard of teachers having private Twitter or Instagram pages for their class. But, I have never personally heard of anyone having a private Facebook page for their class.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Aside from the county forms for photographs and internet, create a form for permission to join as a parent to the class Facebook page. Also to post pictures of your child for other parents to see on the page. Ask for the parents email address associated with Facebook on the form. This is important so the teacher doesn't have to be friends with all the parents on Facebook, she can invite them into the page by their email.
  2. Create a note to parents of the powers of a class Facebook page, such as... Daily happenings in pictures, conversations with child about what they are working on in school, knowing the students in your child's class, collaborating with other parents on classroom activities, volunteering, donations, fundraisers, events, and more! This is really great for divorced or separated parents too. It makes communicating with 2 separate parties easier on the teacher. It is also really great for deployed parents or parents that travel, because if they have internet they can still be connected to their child's daily activities at school. No more loose papers either! Post the flyers in your page as a photo! 
  3. As the teacher, log in to Facebook and create a private group. Add a cute cover photo and invite parents by email. 
Here are some pictures of my daughter below over the past few months. It's been so great for me to work full time but know each day exactly what is happening at school with her. Every day I use the pictures to discuss what she learned about at school or what she participated in at school. I see all her friends and the best part is everything is positive. 

These photos tell me what Harper Jane is working on at school each day along with showing how happy she is! As a parent, I couldn't have a better feeling each day!

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