Turkey Time Traditions {Amna from Teach Two Reach}

Thanksgiving has already come and gone! And what? It’s going to be December tomorrow? Well, I’ll be closing out the Turkey Time posts for this month's Elementary Entourage theme. And although the time has past, maybe this post will help with some ideas for next year!

Reading Turkey Trouble can never go wrong. Students always love this silly book  about a turkey trying different disguises to escape being dinner. It’s the perfect time to do a Disguise the Turkey activity if you like doing that in your classroom. The book is a great one to start off the unit. Students also get to really dissect the book and work on comprehension skills with this Turkey Trouble tab booklet.

Around this time, we get to do our Thanksgiving HandwritingScoot. Handwriting Scoot is something I created when I realized, sheesh, students really need to work on their writing! Handwriting gets focused on less and less as the years go by. So I try to do these themed Scoots where students learn relavent vocabulary and play a handwriting game. They love it!

Speaking of games, why not incorporate Thanksgiving related sentences and practice sentence structure as well. So we do our noun and verbroam the room games.

Of course my favorite time is Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with the family. And here is a little freebie for you to practice fact families. It's a cute little project using a "place setting," to write out four fact family sentences. 

See you all next month!!

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