Turkey Time Traditions {with Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

At school for the past two years we have had a Thanksgiving Feast for the students on Tuesday.  We make placemats and laminate them.  Once we are done with our feast at school, they can take them home and use them at their own Thanksgiving dinner.

During some of our school breaks I like to send home these work packets.  They keep students from getting too much of a "break" brain!  I always make them optional because some families are so busy over breaks with traveling or family events that they may not be able to fit the packets into their busy schedule.  (I also have packets for winter break and spring break.)

The skills in this packet review a lot of the skills taught up to this point in the first grade.  There are lots of easy ways to adjust the packet to be used during fall AND Thanksgiving Break.  Just pick the pages you want, copy and staple.   I usually reward completed booklets with a fun pencil once we return from break!

Finally, this year we decided to spread the thankfulness all around school.  I printed these simple cards on card stock (4 to a sheet) and had the kids write personal messages to each of the teachers and staff in the school.  We slipped the cards with a piece of candy into the mailboxes to brighten everyone's day and remind them that they are appreciated!  Click here to download the freebie!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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