Turkey Time Traditions with Enchanted Kinder Garden

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving break? I absolutely LOVE teaching during Thanksgiving.

This week we're talking ALL things Thanksgiving. This includes past and present, Native Americans, Pilgrims, Mayflower... all of that. We'll be focusing on past and present. My practicum student has been teaching and we didn't really talk about this already.

One of my all time favorite things to do during Thanksgiving week is to talk about traveling on the ship. After we talk about what they couldn't take and that they could only take one suitcase, we always make our own suitcase. This is always REALLY interesting to see what they would take. One year, I let them just write in what they would take. However, this year I'm going to print out some pictures and let them only glue in what will fit.

I added things like brush, comb, pet, doll, truck, shoes, pants, socks, and so on. I also added a few things that I don't think are as important such as iPad, mirror, food, and other little things that will take up space.

You can grab this for free here! Just click on the picture.

We'll be making these really cute turkey hats inspired by Miss Kindergarten for our "Charlie Brown Feast" again this year. I won't use LONG brown paper this year to make them.

We'll also be using these during Math Workshops again this week.

They LOVED using these! It helps all of my kiddos get an easier sense of numbers. We've been doing a really great job with number fluency and recognition as well.

Ten Frames for Thanksgiving! I just call them the Gobble Gobble workshop. My kids pretend like the turkeys are gobbling up numbers. I have different groups use it a different way. For my kids that still need help with writing numbers, we use the ten frame frame version and write the number to match. For my kids that need help producing a ten frame, they choose a number card and make the ten frame. They EAT this one up.

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