Turkey Time Traditions in Pre-K! {with All Y'all Need}

Is it just me or did November fly by this year?!? My Pre-K class were busy little "turkeys" during the month of November. We discussed Native Americans, Pilgrims, Turkeys, and all things Thanksgiving. Here are a few of my absolute favorite turkey time projects: 

Thankful Plates: 

Every year, I have kiddos complete this home project and bring it to school. Each student gets to present their thankful plate to the class. I just love hearing what they cherish the most and still cry every time they say that they are thankful for their school family. 

Catch Me If You Can!

This year, we had a Pre-K Turkey Run! Laura's son, Josh, graciously volunteered to dress in a Turkey suit and let the Pre-K kiddos chase him all over the playground. Ok... there might've been some bribing going to get him to dress up as a turkey. Nevertheless, the turkey run was a success and will be reoccurring next year! 

Classroom Turkey

I got this idea from my one of my amazing coworkers and I absolutely love it! Each child was given a turkey feather and water colors to paint however they like. The picture truly doesn't do it justice. It was beautiful, unique, and something my kids loved taking ownership of. 

"T is for Turkey"

I'm going to go ahead and say I got this idea off of Pinterest, but I honestly meshed a couple of ideas to create my own version. 

Turkey Glyphs 

Pre-K teachers were inspired to do a glyph after seeing the kindergarteners in our building create adorable scarecrow glyphs. For the turkey glyph, the feathers symbolized the students age and the bow/ bow tie symbolized whether they were a boy or a girl. Not too shabby for our first glyph! 

Turkey Roll!

This was my kiddos' absolute favorite game!

Materials Needed:
Turkey clip art (I used Creative Clips)
Colanders (I found mine at Dollar Tree)
Packaging Tape

To play the game, the students would roll the dice, count out the number of feathers that they rolled, and place them in a hole on the colander. It was a great game to work on counting and fine motor. Plus, my kids thought it was hilarious to place the colanders on their heads and wear them as a hat!

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