Turkey Time Traditions {with Lauren from Mrs. Thompson's Treaures}

Happy Thanksgiving!! This year our family is celebrating across the world, away from family. While it is a hard time to be away, we are striving to continue to count our blessings and remember the things we are thankful for.

Anything that involves technology is sure to be a win with the kids! This year, I sent the 2 older kids on a photo scavenger hunt with my phone. I made a list of 10 different categories, and they had to find something they were thankful for in that category and take a picture. They had a lot of fun and it helped them see all the little things they have in daily life that are easy to take for granted.


This would be a great activity to try today with any kids you have at your Thanksgiving gathering. Just make up some categories and let them be creative! You can always have them draw pictures instead of using a phone or camera if they are too young.
Click on the pictures below to find more fun and FREE Thanksgiving activities!
Thanksgiving Activities Free
Thanksgiving Activities Free
Have a fun-filled and yummy day!!

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