May Your Students Be Merry and Bright {Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden}

Hiya friends!! I'm here today to show how I keep my students bright and HAPPY during these hectic and crazy weeks in December.

There is so much that we do during the month of December, that it seems to just whirl right on by. However, I try to always remember to add in some holiday cheer with songs. One thing that I change in our routine is simply changing our Good Morning Greeting. We usually do things like "Today is a great day because *insert name* is here." and each child go around to high five and say good morning. This month, we've switched it up by saying Holly Jolly, Ho Ho Ho, pretending to be Rudolph (they decided on neigh, neigh - the noise LOL!), and a few others. It keeps our greetings fresh and they really enjoy them. This morning, we just went around and found two friends to tell what we wanted for Christmas. It gets them talking and keeps them so excited to start the day.

Also, during our Calendar time in the morning we SING! And when I say sing - we sing extremely LOUD and we dance. A LOT. Tons of dancing. They love it.

This is our current favorite.

I also make sure to decorate my classroom in a very lively Christmas cheer to keep us in happy spirits. I have a really great class this year and doubt I'll have to pull the "I'm calling Santa" on them. They're too afraid of Ms. Brown to do any wrong.

Hope you have a wonderful NINE day countdown to Christmas break. Happy Holidays!

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