May Your Students Be Merry & Bright {Lauren from Mrs. Thompson's Treasures}

I love all the ideas that have already been shared about keeping your students merry and bright this holiday season!

One of my favorite activities to do during this crazy time is called, "Snowball Fight." Students get an answer sheet and one math problem to start. After they complete the problem you have given them, they crumple up the paper and throw it across the room when you say, "Snowball fight!"


Now each student picks up another paper and works that problem. When everyone is done, yell "snowball fight," again. Keep going until students have finished most of the problems. If they get a repeat they can just wait, or if there are extra snowballs, you can put them in the middle of the room for a student to pick from.

It can be difficult to make sure each student answer all the questions, so you can just continue the game until they have done most of them and let them know it's ok if they have a few blank spaces.

I've created a free multiplication version of this that you can get HERE if you'd like to try it, but it is simple to make your own if your students are working on a different skill.

You can also do this with spelling words or sight words by writing the words on the snowballs and having students copy them down for writing practice. Or make up questions that go with your science or social studies unit for them to answer.

I guarantee your students will love this and ask to play all the time!

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  1. This is one of my favorite things to do, I always used sight words, I love that you do this for math practice!