May Your Students Be Merry and Bright {with Mrs. Dailey's Classroom}

Hey, Sweet Friends!
So I'm sad to say my "birthday month" is over... but now on to another great time of the year... it's the holiday season {can you hear me singing from here?}

This month we're gearing up to share ideas of how to keep your students engaged during the holiday season. There are so many fun things going on at home and school that kids can get overwhelmed. Who can blame 'em?

My tip for keeping students engaged while teaching your standards is to make sure that your involving them with hands on materials so they feel like they are doing crafts fun activities. I try not to just choose activities because they are cute. I make sure the activity has a purpose and help to solidify a concept or skill into a student's mind.

Exhibit A: "Symmetrical Snowflakes"

Part of our introduction to geometry was learning about symmetry. One way of tying in the winter season and getting those sweet hands moving was by creating these symmetrical snowflakes. 

Here's a little How To

First, cut enough blue strips of paper for your students. Each snowflake needs four strips of paper. Make a cross with the first two pieces. 

Next, put two more pieces of paper on the snowflake. If your think your students are capable, they can even do this themselves with some guidance. Don't forget to put tape on the back!

Finally, we used our 3-D shapes as tracers on white paper and the students used the shapes they cut out to put onto the snowflake.

Not only did this activity help with a skill that we were working on in math, my students had a really fun time making it.

Here are some of the final products!
I hang them up back to back with ceiling clips so you don't see any of the tape.

As a *freebie* for stopping by, I've put up my report card tag that I made just a few weeks ago!
You can use it as a holiday gift, or attach it to one that you will be giving to your students this season.
Don't worry! You can edit it to type your name on the tag!
You can download it here {clickable link} or click on the picture below.

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