May Your Students By Merry & Bright with {Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

Hi!  It's Stephany from Primary Possibilities and I am here to share a few tips for keeping your kiddos merry and bright this holiday season!  So here comes the Winter weather which can mean many things.... beautiful snow, slippery ice, freezing temps... and INDOOR recess.  Indoor recess can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how you handle it.  I love using Roll, Add, and Color activities during this time.  The kiddos still get to socialize so they are MERRY but they are also learning at the same time so they are getting BRIGHTer.  I am also very MERRY because I can get some things done around the classroom while they are working on their Roll, Add, and Color.

You can pick up Set #1 HERE, Set #2 HERE, or the BUNDLE HERE!

Another great activity to keep your kiddos merry during the holiday season is a classroom elf.  Everyone who uses the an elf has their own activities to go with it!   On the last day as the busses were leaving, our elf made an escape from the classroom window... all the kids could see it from the bus and they flipped.  It was great!

I created this fun little unit to use with your classroom elf!

Happy Holidays!

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